HVAC Installation Services for New Construction

Construction site Ductwork

Southern Comfort Climate Control is experienced in the new construction field.


Whether your a builder, general contractor, or a home owner building and remodeling your own home. Southern Comfort Climate Control has your air conditioning and heating needs covered.

Residential and light commercial construction is where we shine. Many projects have been completed throughout the years, filled with comfortable clients.

New residential home

We find the needs of the home or building and customize the installation to provide efficiency and comfortable living in the space.

It does not matter if you are building a 1000 or a 5,000 square foot  home, it needs to be comfortable inside.  We visit many homes where not enough attention, or budget, was given to the correct sizing of the air conditioning/heating system.  Correctly sized and installed ductwork is also a common problem area.  Make sure that your budget includes enough money to keep your temperature and power bills comfortable in your home investment. Cutting corners on your a/c system will almost always  turn out to be a bad idea. Hiring whomever is the lowest priced contractor is rarely a good choice.  Let us tell you some options to achieve a enjoyable experience when you walk into your home.

New commercial building






We perform all the needed repairs and services to keep your home comfortable. From system replacements, repair, yearly service, remodel and new construction.

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Flexible Appointments

Don’t want to spend a whole day sitting around waiting for a service man? We can work with your schedule giving you a appointment to fit into your day.

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No Misleading Pricing

We use no misleading or gimmicky advertising, sales, or pricing.  Straight forward, honest repair pricing. Know the costs without any surprises when handed your repair bill.

Nobody works for commission here, so no selling of unneeded parts or services.