Frequently Asked Questions

Man with QuestionsThis is a page dedicated to help answer some of the common questions we receive frequently. Hopefully, this can answer most of your questions, but we hear new ones all the time so they will be added to this page as we feel others find them helpful.

There can be differing opinions in the air conditioning trade, so some of the answers are our opinions from many years experience.  We too are learning new things about our trade all the time, especially since the industry has been through some major changes in the last few years with more to come.

What is SEER  and how does it effect me?

SEER is a rating applied to a matching air conditioning system standing for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.  This is a measurement of the amount of electricity needed to run your equipment. The higher the number, the less electricity is used to achieve a set cooling temperature than a system with a lower number. In order for the SEER to have any real meaning, the system must be factory matched units both indoor and outdoors.  The current lowest rating as of 2015 allowed to be installed is 14 SEER. The federal government mandates these requirement levels and will be raising the requirements in the future.  Yes, the higher the SEER rating is on the equipment, the higher the price of installation.  Higher SEER ratings does not always mean a better built piece of equipment.  Call for more info  850 863-9885

I just need some freon put in my unit.

We hear this often when someone calls. Putting freon in a system is not the cheap fix it used to be. If your system uses R-22 refrigerant/freon, it can be a expensive service call depending on how much is needed.  The cost of the R-22 freon has exploded since it will soon be discontinued. Systems installed after 2010 use a refrigerant/freon called 410a. Air conditioning systems are a closed type system meaning it should never lose freon. If you are low on freon it has a leak, it does not get used up or evaporate. Leaking freon is a  common cause for need of a system replacement. Sometimes the leak can be repaired if located. Just adding freon may be the quickest  answer to get you back cooling but the problem will reoccur if leak is not found and fixed.

How often should i have my system serviced?

We suggest having your system checked at the start of each season. Making sure your system is operating correctly saves you money.  We do not have a crystal ball to predict the future, but we certainly can help avoid problems if caught ahead of time.

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We perform all the needed repairs and services to keep your home comfortable. From system replacements, repair, yearly service, remodel and new construction.

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Flexible Appointments

Don’t want to spend a whole day sitting around waiting for a service man? We can work with your schedule giving you a appointment to fit into your day.

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No Misleading Pricing

We use no misleading or gimmicky advertising, sales, or pricing.  Straight forward, honest repair pricing. Know the costs without any surprises when handed your repair bill.

Nobody works for commission here, so no selling of unneeded parts or services.